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More than just a fitness class

We pride ourselves of being inclusive of absolutely everyone regardless of your shape, sex, size, age etc. Classes are more than just a fitness class as you'll find yourself welcomed into a positive community where you are supported fully in all your endeavours. You'll find friends for life at classes and be blown away with how different the pole world is. People help people for the sake of being kind.


Confidence is another thing that you'll gain by joining us. Be happy with your body! Pole is guaranteed to tone you up and help you gain muscle but you'll find yourself fixating on achieving that new pole move rather than the number on the scales. I know many women who have started classes swearing that they will never be seen dead in 'those skimpy pole shorts' but within a month have gone out to buy those exact clothes they swore they hated. Why? Because they stop caring about what other people think and become confident enough to bare all! (plus they want that next pole move that requires skin grip!)


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