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Pole dance and fitness

Pole dance is a fantastic way to get fit and at Aerial Empire we have every style you can imagine. Have you ever looked at pole and thought 'that looks fab but I'm not ________ '? This is where Aerial Empire shows you that you can find your own style. Personally I would never have fell in love with pole if the only option available was sexy pole because that's not me. Equally I know plenty of people that are the other way round. 

In pole class you'll find a new level of support that you didn't expect to find and make friends for life. Pole is a hugely supportive community worldwide so you'll find yourself involved in a community you never knew existed.

Different types of pole dancing?!

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Static pole

Static pole is a pole that doesn't spin or move in anyway. You move around the pole. This is normally where people start and they start with simpler static spins where your hands slide to help you move around the pole. We then go on to moves taking our feet off the floor with things like seats, stands and climbing the pole. From there we move on to inversions and getting upside down (don't worry this is advanced stuff - we won't throw you upside down in your second class!)

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Spin pole

Spin pole is where the pole is on a setting that allows it to spin. You need to use your momentum to make the pole spin and you spin with it. You use more hand grip in this class as your hand doesn't slide around the pole. We work on similar things to static pole but with more control so that you can control the spin. Spin pole will normally be with our resident spin pole artist Keri.

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Sexy pole

Sexy pole is a fantastic way to get in touch with your sexy side. You'll work on the pole, on floor work and low pole flow. Heels aren't necessary for this class but they definitely make it more fun. Let go of all you inhibitions and just have fun! This class is all about building up your confidence and learning to love yourself as much as possible in an environment where everyone supports one another. Our exotic pole queen Olivia will completely put you at ease and make you realise that being sexy is all about perspective and being confident and happy! 

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