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  • What should I wear?
    For pole we want you to be as comfortable as possible, so leggings and a comfy top are the best combo. We also recommend you bring shorts but these are not a necessity for beginners classes - so don't worry if you don't feel comfortable enough to wear shorts. Please avoid wearing jewellery especially rings, and refrain from moisturing on the day of your pole class as this may cause you to slip
  • Am I strong enough to do pole?
    Absolutely! That's the beauty of pole, you gain the strength WHILST you're learning the moves. You'll find yourself achieving moves you only dreamed of at the start of your pole journey. Pole can be the equivalent of an intense gym session but with so much more fun!
  • Am I the wrong age/sex/body shape for pole?
    Absolutely not! Pole is for absolutely everyone. We have a huge range of people that pole already, regardless of the above. Our doors are open to everyone and you'll find yourself in an incredibly warm and welcoming environment. You'll also make some of the most amazing and supportive friends here.
  • Do I need dance experience for pole?
    No! You develop the coordination and poise along the way as you build up strength and familiarity in the moves
  • Can I try a single class or do I have to book a course?
    Either! We have tried to be as flexible as possible and offer both single classes or block bookings so you can attend dependent on what suits you most.
  • How many people are in classes
    We have 12 students in a ful class, with 6 poles that means 2 people per pole. We find this is the best number so that you don't get too tired and you can have fun with the person you're on a pole with!
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