Our Team

Emily Hawthorne

Emily Hawthorne

Emily is the owner of Aerial Empire and has been doing pole for 5 and a half years. She completely fell in love with it and gave up her previous dream of becoming a doctor to do pole full time instead! 

She won Lincolnshire pole doubles with her doubles partner and is set to enter many competitions in 2018. See the routine here

Emily loves flips and power spins most of all, if you want to see Emily's style check out her Instagram here

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah found her love of pole 6 years ago during her undergraduate years at the University of Leeds. Although she continues her studies at a PhD level during the day, doing pole is where she really finds herself.


She has known Emily for all of the time she’s been doing pole (in fact it actually how they met!) and is overjoyed that she gets to share in her dream of Aerial Empire! 


She has dabbled in other aerial arts, such as silks, hoop and trapeze, but pole will always be where her heart lies. She’s a bit of a nerd with a quirky personality, and if you want to know more, feel free to peruse her Instagram here


Keri Bailey

Keri is a pole instructor and has been teaching since 2015, she's qualified through the fabulous Spin City and is always continuing her search for knowlegde and inspiration. 


She fell in love with pole from the moment she stepped into her first class. Feeling the amazement of what her body was capable of, along with the encouragement and possitive people around her, all she wanted to do was share this. She's grateful to be able to teach her biggest love and bring confidence, talent and passion out in others. She's all for helping each student find their own personal flare, style and achieve their goals!

Check out her moves here

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Lauren Buckingham

A previous climbing and wakeboarding instructor, Lauren finds most comfort and happiness while enjoying any sport life has to offer.

Initially starting pole in 2017 during her uni years, she fell in love with this incredible sport instantly. Energetic with a weird personality she has a particular love for anything strength based yet always wants to know and learn more. 


While striving to share her passion with others, she enjoys seeing everyone’s own sense of quirky style shine through. She also appreciates witnessing the confidence and skills grow in students. She is incredibly grateful and elated at being a part of the Aerial Empire family.

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