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Our Team



Emily is the owner of Aerial Empire and has been doing pole for 5 and a half years. She completely fell in love with it and gave up her previous dream of becoming a doctor to do pole full time instead! 

She won Lincolnshire pole doubles with her doubles partner and is set to enter many competitions in 2018. See the routine here

Emily loves flips and power spins most of all, if you want to see Emily's style check out her Instagram here



Keri is a pole instructor and has been teaching since 2015, she's qualified through the fabulous Spin City and is always continuing her search for knowlegde and inspiration. 


She fell in love with pole from the moment she stepped into her first class. Feeling the amazement of what her body was capable of, along with the encouragement and possitive people around her, all she wanted to do was share this. She's grateful to be able to teach her biggest love and bring confidence, talent and passion out in others. She's all for helping each student find their own personal flare, style and achieve their goals!

Check out her moves here



Becky started pole back in 2018, and although she was nervous as she had no real sport or dance background, she fell in love with it instantly. She then went on to discover aerial hoop and fell even harder, and then lollipop lyra which combined them both and totally won her heart! 


When she isn’t looking down a microscope or wielding a pipette (she’s currently studying for her PhD in Molecular Medicine) you’ll usually find Becky hanging out in the hoop or lollipop, where she loves coming up with flowy sequences and combining strength and flexy tricks. She is very excited to be able to share this amazing sport with others and help them find their style and confidence!



Fern walked into her first upside down class in 2015 and has dabbled in all areas of aerial since but her heart truly lies with hoop, lollipop, silks and contortion. I mean what’s a better party trick than sitting on your own head? She started teaching hoop in 2018 and stretch in 2020 and is beyond excited to meet anyone sharing the same love of the aerial arts. Usually in the studio with her sidekick buddy the absolute love for aerial and her aerial empire family is what makes her world go round.

Berni 2.bmp


Berni's first pole class was April 2018.  She considers herself incredibly lucky to have a teacher who was invested in her and my progress. Now she wants to do the same for her students.

She is qualified with Spin City as a Pole instructor and a Strength and Conditioning coach. 

She love pole, pizzas,  exotic heels and hoop. Meanwhile she also works full time, and is an amateur artist and local historian!



Sophie started aerial hoop in 2018 and has been hooked ever since. As an ex-ballerina Sophie loves incorporating the elegance of dance in the air combined with dramatic drops and rolls.

Sophie won several aerial hoop competitions in 2022 and prides herself in choreographing beautiful flowy routines. She values musicality and emotion when creating new routines and enjoys spreading the joy that aerial has given her to all her students. Sophie can't wait to share her passion and help her students develop their own style and flow in her classes.


When she's not in the air Sophie is a veterinary nurse and is a huge cat lover!

Sarah A.jpg


Sarah fell in love with pole at University – this is where she met Emily. They became instant friends and she has been training alongside her ever since! She has been teaching pole since 2017 and has watched Aerial Empire grow from an idea to everyone's second home. In addition to teaching, Sarah also still really enjoys being a student at the studio so you will regularly find her attending classes and broadening her aerial skills. She has recently found an additional love of static trapeze.

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