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"What an absolutely empowering and phenomenal experience. I am so glad I decided to book the pole classes with Emily, after wanting to do it for so so long!! 

Ive also made some lovely friends, such a lovely environment and a fun way to exercise! If you’re thinking about pole fitness, stop thinking, AND GO DO IT!!"



"Emily is an amazing teacher and puts you completely at ease. Before I started she was prompt with replying to my questions. I have done around 6 classes and I have manged moves I wouldn't have dreamed I could do all thanks to her!! I have already been raving to my friends about this class"


"I started pole last summer and it's the best thing I have done! It was scary at first as I didn't think i'd be able to do it, having no upper body strength or experience. However Emily has been an incredible teacher. She is friendly and encouraging and has helped me to push and belief in myself! These classes have been amazing where i'm gaining an all over body work out, keeping fit and gaining body confidence. I would 100% recommend this class to anyone"


 Our Ethos 

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Our ethos is that there are many different styles of pole dance just as there are many different types of people. We know that many people look at pole and think that it isn't for them, but we have so many styles of pole dance and pole fitness you will be able to find a style to suit you. 

Do you like to be sexy and sensual? Try our exotic pole classes

Or do you prefer sporty and strong? Try our standard pole classes

If you like the circus and performance acts, have a look at our lollipop pole classes

 Or for your inner dancer look for our pole flow classes

Whatever style you love, you'll find a class here to suit you! 


 Get In Touch 

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